The Blue Baritone - Contemporary guitars

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The Blue Baritone


The Blue Baritone

The Blue Baritone is the 6 strings player’s 7 string guitar!
The guitar is tuned to B with the low string actually being a bass guitar string.
Use a good amp and the Baritone will shake your house or studio!

- 17 inch non-cutaway body
- 25 1/2 high B to 27 1/2 low B string length
- handcarved Sitka spruce top
- handcarved flamed maple back and sides
- mahogany neck with rosewood center piece
- ebony fingerboard, tailpiece, pickguard and volume/ tone knob
- Kent Armstrong custom made single coil floating pickup
- roundwound strings from 065 to 017
- rosewood bridge with brass inset on plain strings

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