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Jazz Verde Milonga

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Jazz Verde Milonga
Dedicato alla musica di Paolo Conte

A collector's item guitar, dedicated to the music of Italian jazz singer, pianist and composer Paolo Conte (1937). Paolo Conte is an Italian singer, pianist, composer and lawyer notable for his grainy, resonant voice, his colourful and dreamy compositions (evocative of Italian and Mediterranean sounds, as well as of jazz music). The song 'Alle prese con una verde milonga' is of special beauty, and there is a fabulous performance of the show in Verona, 2005 that you can see on the YouTube video.
Carved European spruce top, laminated maple back. Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, inlays in mammoth ivory and ebony.
'Italy' inlay on tailpiece in green abalone, as well as the lettering 'Jazz Verde Milonga' on the ebony pickguard. Kent Armstrong handmade suspended humbucker, volume and tone control under pickguard, Waverly tuners.

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Jazz verde milonga
Dedicato alla musica di Paolo Conte
Lyrics to 'Alle prese con una verde milonga' by Paolo Conte

Alle prese con una verde milonga
il musicista si diverte e si estenua
e mi avrai, verde milonga che sei stata scritta per me,
per la mia sensibilità, per le mie scarpe lucidate
per il mio tempo e per il mio gusto
mi avrai, verde milonga inquieta
che mi strappi un sorriso di tregua ad ogni accordo,
mentre fai dannare le mie dita
io sono qui, sono venuto a suonare,
sono venuto ad amare, e di nascosto a danzare
e ammesso che la milonga fosse una canzone,
ebbene io l'ho svegliata e l'ho guidata ad un ritmo più lento
così la milonga rivelava di sé molto più di quanto apparisse
la sua origine d'Africa, la sua eleganza di zebra,
il suo essere di frontiera, una verde frontiera
una verde frontiera tra il suonare e l'amare,
verde spettacolo in corsa da inseguire
da inseguire sempre, da inseguire ancora, fino ai laghi bianchi del silenzio
finché Atahualpa [4] o qualche altro dio
non ti dica: "descansate niño", che continuo io
io sono qui, sono venuto a suonare,
sono venuto a danzare, e di nascosto ad amare.

Grappling with a green milonga [1]
the musician enjoys himself and gets exhausted
and you will have me, you green milonga who were written for me,
for my sensitiveness, for my well-polished shoes
for my time and for my taste
you will have me, you restless green milonga,
who wring a smile of truce out of me at each chord
while you drive my fingers mad
I am here, I've come to play,
I've come to love and, secretly, to dance
and supposing [2] the milonga was a song,
well, I woke it up and led it to a slower rhythm
so the milonga revealed about herself [3] much more than what appeared,
her African origin, her zebra elegance,
her border-line essence, a green border-line,
a green border-line between playing and loving,
green show on the run, to run after,
to always run after, to run after even longer, up to the white lakes of silence
until Atahualpa [4] or some other god
says to you: "Get out of the way, child, I'll go on!"
I am here, I've come to play,
I've come to dance and, secretly, to love.

[1] an old argentine dance, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milonga
[2] "even granted, for the sake of argument, that..."
[3] I was uncertain whether to refer to milonga as a thing ("it") or a person ("her"). In fact the author talks about (and to) milonga as if it was a person.
[4] referred to Atahualpa Yupanqui, one of the last great milonga performers.

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