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Jazz Down Under

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Jazz Down Under

Jazz Down Under is a project guitar, started in beginning 2009 and finished on World Turtle Day, 23rd of May 2010. It is made in Australian woods exclusively. Australia has many woods that can be used in guitar making; Kauri, Queensland maple, Queensland walnut, and gidgee are used in the making of Jazz Down Under.
The top is carved quartersawn Kauri, the carved back and sides are in Queensland maple. Ringed Gidgee is used for the fingerboard; it is an extremely hard desert wood.
Faux tortoise binding and pickguard, inlay turtle in faux tortoise and reconstituted rock.
Suspended handmade Kent Armstrong humbucker with tone and volume control under the pickguard. Waverly tuners.

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Art is a very important part of Aboriginal religious life, to maintain traditional representations and styles. It is still in the tradition to represent many of the desert Dreamings stories, and the sand paintings have been replaced by paintings on canvas. New styles like dot paintings and X rays styles are the most popular modern art styles based on traditional Dreamings and totemic representations.
Symbols used within paintings include concentric circles, curved lines & straight lines. Concentric circles usually represent camp sites, waterholes or places of significance.


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