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Emmanuel Marsy, France


Emmanuel Marsy, France

Guitar by Daniel that was started in 1998........ and only recently finished in 2010 for Emmanuel Marsy, France. Emmanuel plays the guitar acoustically on this video.

Recently (re) discovered in the workshop, this instrument was started 12 years ago but never finished, overtaken by orders and new ideas. Through the network of Slaman players it has finally found a home in the south of France, 12 years after ! Therefore the 18 inch carved top and back guitar is named 'The Unfinished' .

Hello Daniel
Now the guitar is with me ! I went to JP's place yesterday and we had a nice afternoon with JP and Igor Maury ! I am very pleased with the guitar, she is beautiful, the neck is to my taste and the sound is already good, even compared with all the great vintage guitars which are in JP's living room :-) The 18" body is finally easy to handle and gives warmth and depth to the sound. JP put Sadowsky strings on it and they seems to suit the guitar well. Of course we still need time to meet each other but I already know that it is the beginning of a nice story ! So thank you very much for this great guitar, and have a nice Week End !

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