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Daniel ter Laan, Neth.


Daniel ter Laan, Netherlands

Daniel ter Laan plays a custom made Daniel Slaman nylon string archtop jazz guitar.
A very lightweight guitar, designed for manouche style playing. Carved Sitka spruce top, Spanish cypress back and sides. Spanish cedar neck, Madagascar rosewood fingerboard, bridge and tailpiece. Tortoise celluloid binding on body, neck and headstock. Custom inlay and Waverly tuners.

Daniël ter Laan calls his custom built nylon string guitar a ‘nylon wonder’ and ‘my baby’........ The guitar has a carved Sitka spruce top and Spanish cypress back and sides.
Here’s what Daniel wrote after receiving the guitar:

Daniel, What a guitar you have built...really great! I must confess I wasn’t really sure about the sound when I picked it up, but when I got home I really heard it... what a sound man! I had to find the ‘sweet spot’ for the pick that’s a little different to the steel string guitar. Somewhat away from the bridge to the middle gives me that crispy rhythm sound. I can hardly let go of ths guitar and it is not even played in yet!
The action is wonderfully low and it plays much easier then my gypsy style guitar. Very light to the touch, I only have to point at is and it produces sound! A bit strange maybe, but it even smells nice like freshly cut wood.
Also it kind of keeps me away from my university studies..... thanks man!


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