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Chris Metcalfe, Great-Britain


Chris Metcalfe, Great-Britain

Chris Metcalfe owns several Slaman guitars.
Already owner a custom made Slaman guitar, Chris Metcalfe purchased the Jazz Junior prototype to do with it what it was designed for: take it to gigs where he hesitated bringing his number 1 guitar but still was in need for a quality archtop sound. The Jazz Junior guitar has now evolved into the Jazz Compact model.


Mr. Metcalfe owns a number of Slaman guitars and here's what he thinks of them:

'' They say that repeat business is the real test of customer satisfaction. Well, like Axel Hagen, I too have owned three of Daniel's guitars, can compare them with the best Gibsons and Guilds, and I must agree with Axel when he says 'I can only summarize that Daniel Slaman is a true artist and ranks in my opinion among the very best Archtop makers'.
I recently acquired one of Daniel's less fancy instruments, a black DS175 with a CC pickup, and it is every bit as good - although more modest in appearance- as my others. The laminated back gives a slightly more 'electric' sound, but the guitar is surprisingly loud acoustically, and plays like butter. It far surpasses any current or vintage L4/ 175 type instrument - no comparison ( and yes, I have compared!). There is a very 'musical' sound to all his instruments, which places his guitars, however modest or ornate, in the top class of instruments available from any maker, at any price. Nice bloke, too!'

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