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Born for Trouble

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Born For Trouble

This guitar was inspired by a Dutch society called 'Keep them rolling'. This Club has now some 1.400 members, whose goal it is to restore and keep in good shape military vehicles such as cars, armor, trucks, boats and planes from World War II.
In 2005 they had their driving exhibition of army vehicles near Noordwijk in The Netherlands. One of the vehicles had a sign 'Born for trouble' on the front, so I thought hey why not make a theme guitar with this name. I wanted it to have a basic 'army' feel so for the pickup there was only one choice; a P90, straight forward, built to last, no frills. It is made to perform well however, with a carved spruce top and carved maple back. The basis was the Jazz Junior model, a small archtop guitar with a big sound and a small case; it fits into a classical guitar case.

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The name 'Keep Them Rolling' was a cry very often heard by the drivers of the trucks from the Allies in World War II. This to make sure supplies came to the frontline in a steady stream without the frontline troops being without food or fuel at any time.

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