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Axel Hagen, Neth.


Axel Hagen, Netherlands

Axel Hagen plays several Slaman guitars among which a blonde Deco model and the Blue Deco model.

Around 1998 I was fortunate to meet and become friends with acclaimed dutch Archtop builder Daniel Slaman. I had played a number of jazzguitars before over the years from all the well known companies like Gibson, Guild etc. We met through a student of mine and after I visited his workplace for the first time, I imediatly liked his instruments and his approach and love towards making them.
He is an incredibly sincere and honest craftsman with "down to earth" vision on the realization of musicians idea's. Soon I ordered my first Slaman Custom (a Thinline model) and have since then owned three of his Guitars. The "Thinline" was followed by a "ES-250" and this year (2006) he made me the fantastic "Blue Deco".
I will always remain a "Slaman player" since I am convinced that his instruments are some of the best sounding Jazzguitars you can own. I can only summarize that Daniel Slaman is a true artist and ranks in my opinion among the very best Archtop makers.

Axel Hagen, May 2006


Chuck Israels European Group,Chuck Israels-bass, Paolo Birro-piano, Axel Hagen-guitar (Daniel Slaman 'Blue Deco'), Alfred Kramer-drums, rec. live on november 12th 2009 in Teatro Camploy Verona (italy) during the Festival "Amarone in Jazz"organized by centro studi musical in Verona

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