Andre Matos, Portugal - Contemporary guitars

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Andre Matos, Portugal


Andre Matos, Portugal

Andre Matos plays a Jazz Junior without finish on the neck!


Hello Daniel,

I received the guitar yesterday morning. I spent the whole day playing and then at night I played a gig with it. At first it felt strange the size of body and neck, but as I got used to it later in the night I felt very very confortable playing with it. The size of neck is perfect for me. The sound is amazing. It has a very strong personality. After the gig I played duo with my friend bass player, and we played acoustically!!! It was amazing, the quality of the sound of this guitar is great, I mean the tone. It´s not one of those big jazz boxes L-5ish, but it has a unique carved sound and personality. I like it very much. Plus it is beautiful, sober ( as I like), very good-looking guitar.

Daniel, I think I am very lucky I found your website and came across your beautiful guitars. Thanks a lot, and congratulations. I´m not a very experienced player on guitar matters , but I´ve played some incredible guitars from friends of mine, and this one stands up along with those, for sure.

Best, Andre

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